Top ways to earn money by Digital Marketing

How do we earn money online by Digital Marketing

How do we earn money by digital marketing There are a lot of ways for one to earn money online and for that one needs to be a pro in one or the other skill.

How do we earn money by digital marketing without investment google earning factors faceobook earning start earning from digital marketing Internet But this article will help you learn a lot of ways to earn money online with a prior basic knowledge of Digital Marketing without being a pro in it.

Top 5 ways to earn money online with Digital Marketing

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing

 Content Marketing

earn money with content writing
earn money with content writing

Content Marketing means to write content/blogs online with an intention of promoting a service or a product. So, through content marketing one basically advertise their own or someone else’s product/service and earn money for advertising the product/service.

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 Social Media Marketing

earn money with social media marketing
earn money with social media marketing

How much money can you make from social media? social media sites that pay money Social Media Marketing means to work on social media. It basically means to put posts on Social Media create a very big audience for yourself and then get paid through it. What is seo process

Important factors of seo

1.On-site SEO: digital marketing career

So how it basically works is, that you put posts on your social media accounts and then your friends, families, and other people see it. boost ranking on google Now that one has created the viewer base for their posts, How seo Works one can post about different products/services to advertise/promote them basically and get paid for it.

 Affiliate Marketing earning

earn money with affiliate marketing
earn money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing means that if you recommend someone to buy a product from some site, and if that person buys that product from your recommended link then you earn a commision out of it. This marketing strategy will help you earn money only if you are able to influence the people to buy a product based on your recommended link.

 Way to earn with Mobile Marketing

earn money with mobile marketing
earn money with mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing itself can be done in a few ways which are-

  1. SMS Marketing- This method of marketing was adopted when the Digital Marketing was not in trend, but it is still used by some entrepreneurs. In this type of marketing one basically sends short messages to people telling them about their products/services.
  2. QR Codes- This is something which has really gained popularity recently. Qr codes are the codes which when scanned directly redirect the user to the website without any other hassle.
  3. In Game Mobile Marketing- All of us must have noticed that while playing a game on mobile we encounter a number of popups and when we click on them we are directly redirected to some website or some application and are asked to download it.

 Email Marketing for online earning

Email Marketing is a great way to reach a lot of customers just with a single click. Email Marketing is sending email to a number of customers telling them about the new deals and offers and asking them to buy the product.

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Some emails also have a button to unsubscribe, so that the company generates a clean database of only the potential customers and not the unwanted customers. This type of marketing is used to earn money buy most of the companies these no matter they are large scale or small scale. digital marketing course in faridabad



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