What is PBN

What is pbn networks – PBN networks for off page seo

pbn networks Pbn ( Private Blog Networks ) is process of doing seo ( Search engine optimization ) for website ranking on search engine like google yahoo bing….  pbn networks is a process of creating dofollow backlinks for our website. 8130326003

What is dofollow backlinks

When we create link building on other website on direct basis in website body or directly in website with link juicing… pbn networks local seo for website 8130326003

How to use pbn for creating links

Pbn is private blogging network.. PBN is a process when you create muti sites of yours and share links with your websites… by provding one link to other website 8130326003

How pbn helps in ranking

As we discuss above pbn are providing us dofollow backlinks because it helps in create direct link in website.. we have to pit our link in post or page of particular website from which we are taking link..
What is pbn networks
What is pbn networks

Process of doing pbn seo

You have to create your multisites for eg. Buy 5 domains and atart writing content for all of your websites… now ylu have to share your link Of first website in other 4 websites and you have to make same process of link building for other 4 websites in post or in page also you can create link in sidebar widget area
Only you have to do is write text and put link  of your other website in that text link building process is completed
It will helps in providing dofollw backlinks from your site only and you will get 4 dofollw links from your site only because 100 nofollow links and 10 dofollow links are same factor for google ranking.
You have to create more dofollow links not nofollow because every approved link has good form of da ( domain authority ) Nd help in rank on search engine without extra workout.

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So friends now you are cleared with pbn seo setup for ranking postion or seo base
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