Digital Marketing Career - Building a career

Digital Marketing Career – Build a career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Career – Build a career in Digital Marketing Getting into the industry of Digital Marketing at this time is of great benefit, as the industry is continuing to grow at a very fast pace and being a part of it will only let you grow your digital marketing career well. digital marketing career convert traffic into leads

Digital Marketing Career – Build a career in Digital Marketing

Top reasons to build a Digital Marketing Career

This industry is one of the top growing industries  at this point in time because of some reasons, some of  which are digital marketing career  :

  • Growing number of jobs:  Around 8 lac jobs will be created in the Digital Marketing Industry in 2018 and the trend will continue to follow in the coming time. A large number of companies and agencies don’t even advertise for jobs on the internet, but still there around 12.1 k  Digital Marketing jobs on ‘Social Media Marketing’, which is a part of Online Marketing itself has created around 10k job vacancies, which are 6700 more in number than ‘Big Data’ which is such an emerging part in the field of Science.
Top ways to earn money by Digital Marketing
Top ways to earn money by Digital Marketing
  • Growing number of Mobile Users:  According to a study by Zenith, a U.S. based media agency the number of mobile users in India will cross the mark of 530 Million by the end of 2018. Around 49.7% of the world’s total population is on the internet. Almost 80% of the total 450 Million internet users in India came online through Mobile Phones. India has already surpassed the U.S. to become the 2nd largest smartphone marketing country in the world.  So, the number of people engaging with the digital medium is increasing is a primary reason for the continuous growth of the Digital Marketing Industry.


  • Continuous growth in Digital Marketing spends:  A study suggests that by the end of 2018 the Digital Marketing spend is expected to cross Rs. 13000 crore, which is a sign in favor of the Digital Marketing Industry.  The reason behind this growth is the growing number of smartphone users in India and lower tariff plans for data.
dm course webhelpy
dm course webhelpy

 Job Profiles in Digital Marketing

This Industry provides you with a wide variety of profile options digital marketing career based on your interest and skills to kickstart your digital marketing career. One can choose any job profile amongst the profiles given below:

  • Digital Marketing Executive: At an initial level one generally joins a company as a Digital Marketing Executive or an SEO Executive. At this level one generally works on Content Development, Testing, etc.


  • Digital Marketing Specialist:  One gets to this position generally after gaining some experience of around (2+ years). At this position, one is made the head of the team in a particular field of experience. At this position, one can definitely make some independent decisions but needs to report to the manager.


  • Digital Marketing Manager: After an experience of around (2-4 years), one gets to this position. At this position one is a team leader or the head of the team, and also is a direct part in making strategies for the organization.


  • Digital Marketing Analyst: A Digital Marketing Analyst basically consults the other technical departments and increase the effectiveness of their work. An analyst can contribute to different teams which are across different departments.


  • Head of Marketing: This profile is not related to Digital Marketing in particular. But to reach this position, one definitely needs to be an expert in Digital Marketing.

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How to convert traffic into leads

Skills required for a Digital Marketing Career

digital marketing career One obviously needs to have the technical skills like SEO, SMO,  SMM, and a lot more. Basically, there is no end to learning the technical skills, as there is so much to learn in this large industry.

But besides these technical skills, one also needs to have some other Non-Technical skills to expect some growth in this industry.

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Some of the Non-Technical skills that one needs to have to build a Digital Marketing Career are mentioned below:

  • Willingness to experiment
  • Posses Networking skills
  • Good at Multitasking
  • Comfortness with Technology
  • Passionate for Digital Media
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Creativeness



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